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True Beginning-To-End Marketing
Vital Brand™
Full-service marketing: Search, Print, TV & Radio working hand in hand with Vital Metrics™ to optimize campaigns across all advertising mediums.

Creative design & strategic placement. Knowledge, talent, and expertise that produce compelling creative design and strategic ad placement that effectively promote your brand and convert leads.
  • Online
  • Print
  • Television/Radio
Vital Metrics™
Lead tracking from the most relevant perspective: the call. Impressions, page-views, ratings, or even caller surveys, are not enough to make intuitive decisions about campaign performance. There is vital information waiting to be harvested from each and every call reaching your call center.

Breaking down the call.
Vital Metrics™ is the critical link, working with both Vital Brand™ and Vital Feedback™ (via our patent pending software Metrics 1.0) to optimize performance at both ends of the spectrum.
Vital Feedback™
Driving leads is nothing without properly closing leads. Pass the baton more effectively.

Advertising is just one end of the marketing spectrum. Leads must be converted into sales! Ever wonder what your call center is doing with all those marketing dollars you’re spending? The Vital Feedback™ component delivers critical information about your call center’s performance - providing real-time stop-loss opportunity and team performance statistics.